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Apple, Cinnamon, Pecan Oatmeal Bowl

This oatmeal bowl is packed with protein and fresh fruit to help energize your morning! It seems like there is never enough time to get ready in the morning, however your breakfast should never be compromised due to time! I recommend setting aside the ingredients or preparing the apples and pecans the night before, that way you can wake up and prepare your b-fast quickly, enjoy! :)

Apple, Cinnamon, Pecan Oatmeal Bowl Recipe:

Yield: 1 Serving

Cook Time: 15 Min


- 1 Cup Rolled Oats

- 1 Fuji Apple, Diced

- ½ Cup Pecans, Chopped

- ¼ Cup Brown Sugar

- 1/8 tsp Sea Salt

- 1/4 tsp & 1/8 tsp Cinnamon

- 1 Tbsp Water

- ¾ Cup Almond Milk

- 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil or Earth Balance

- 1 tsp Honey

- *Shredded Coconut

- *Cinnamon


1. Wash and dice apple. Heat a medium skillet over medium high heat and add coconut oil or earth balance. Sauté apples for 8-10 minutes until they have softened. Add ¼ tsp cinnamon to apples and set aside.

2. Using the same skillet, melt brown sugar, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, water, and sea salt until it begins to bubble. Add pecans and stir for 2 minutes, then remove from heat, letting the pecans cool on parchment paper or a silpat.

3. Next, bring almond milk to a boil, add oats and let sit for 5 minutes. Stir oats and place in a bowl.

4. Add roasted apples and candied pecans on top. Top with additional cinnamon or shredded coconut If desired, enjoy!


- If you like your oatmeal more like porridge and not “soupy”, place a lid over the pot and let the oats steam with the milk for a few minutes.

- and candied pecans the night before for an even quicker prep time the following morning!

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

Apple Cinnamon Pecan Oatmeal Bowl Recipe
Download • 110KB

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