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Candied Orange Slices

Holiday baking ideas are everywhere right now, but this classic is one that you should definitely give a try if you've never attempted before :)

Candied oranges can be soft or brittle to the touch, depending on how long you candy them for. The longer they're candied the sweeter they become!

This recipe creates perfectly supple, soft, and sweet orange slices that you can eat or even turn into a decoration for a Christmas tree by making ornaments, enjoy!

Candied Orange Slices:

Yield: 16-18 Slices

Cook Time: 1 Hr


- 3 Oranges, Sliced ¼ Inch

- 2 Cups Water

- 1 Cup Granulated Sugar or Sugar in the Raw

- Optional: Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Flakes

or Granulated Sugar Garnish


1. Wash and dry oranges. Slice ¼ inch thick using a serrated knife for easier slicing.

2. In a medium sized pot, bring 2 cups water and 1 cup granulated sugar to a boil.

3. Add orange slices and let simmer in the simple syrup for 35-40 minutes or until the temperature of the syrup reaches over 225°F.

4. Remove slices from the syrup and let dry on a cookie sheet. Be sure to drape paper towels or parchment paper underneath to catch any drips!

5. Once the orange slices have cooled, you can dip them in dark chocolate and sprinkle with sea salt flakes if you’d like, enjoy!


- You can candy these for 20-30 minutes longer to create Christmas tree ornaments that are sturdy enough to hang on a Christmas tree.

- You can also sprinkle sugar over these once they have cooled for an extra sweet treat!

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

Candied Orange Slices
Download PDF • 148KB

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