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Homemade Fried Wontons

Hello there Fried Wontons!

Have you ever attempted to make wontons at home?

It's actually much simpler than you might think, plus you can save lots of money if you are a fan of wontons like I am :)

P.S. You can also bake these if you are trying to cut out fried foods or limit them from your diet!

Homemade Fried Wontons:

Yield: 12 Wontons

Cook Time: 25 Min


- 12 Wonton Wrappers

*(Gluten-free/paleo alternative linked on website under Amazon tab)

- 6 oz Cream Cheese or Plant-Based Cream Cheese (Ex: Kite Hill)

- 3 Green Onions, Chopped

- 3 Cups Canola or Sunflower Oil

- 3 Tbsp Water

- Optional: May Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce or Trader Joe’s Version


1. Gather all ingredients & measure out. Pour canola or sunflower oil into a large pot for frying wontons. Heat until oil reaches 350°F over medium heat.

2. To make wontons, add cream cheese and chopped green onions to a medium sized bowl and whip until combined.

3. Next, grab one of the wrappers and add 1 Tbsp of the mixture to the center of the wrapper using a spoon. Using your finger, dip the tip of your finger into the 3 Tbsp of water and run the water over each wonton edge.

4. Then, pinch each corner together, while creating a center point in the middle of the wonton. Repeat process for each wonton until finished.

5. Layer paper towels on a plate large enough to hold 12 wontons. In two batches, fry wontons by carefully insert the wontons into the oil using a spider strainer (link on website).

6. Fry until wontons are golden brown in color and start floating to the top.

7. Pair wontons with Mae Ploy sauce or your favorite dipping sauce, enjoy! :)


- If you’d like to bake these at home, try baking them at 375°F for 15-17 minutes until golden brown and delicious!

- If you’d like to make these into a meal instead of a side dish, you can add a protein like tofu, chicken, turkey, or pork. (Of course, you can also use plant-based alternative proteins!)

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

Homemade Fried Wontons
Download PDF • 115KB

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