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Lemon Sorbet w/ Mint

It's been such a long week! My favorite way to chill, literally, is with some lemon sorbet with a hint of mint! Citrus fruits, especially lemons, are full of vitamin C, can help prevent kidney stones from forming (ouch!), and can help with digestive issues. It's also the perfect after-dinner dessert or treat that not only tastes great, but is great for you! I hope you enjoy :)

Lemon Sorbet w/ Mint Recipe:

Yield: ~ 1 Quart

Cook Time: 1 Hr


- 1 ¾ Cup Water

- 2 Cups Sugar

- 2 Cups Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

- 1-2 Tbsp Lemon Zest

- Optional: 2 Tbsp Vodka


1. First, bring water and sugar to a boil in a small pot over medium high heat until the sugar dissolves.

2. Remove from heat and let cool.

3. Next, add the lemon juice and zest, and stir to combine. Add vodka if desired.

4. If you have an ice cream maker, you can use that to churn your sorbet. (About 20-25 minutes).

5. Or you can place the sorbet in a small container in the freezer and leave until it freezes. (About 1 hour).

6. Scoop into bowls and top with fresh mint if desired, enjoy!


- Adding vodka will help the sorbet from forming ice crystals as it begins to solidify in the freezer.

- Investing in an ice cream maker is an awesome idea! You can easily make so many creations without the high price tag that some pints of ice cream can run you!

Click Link Below For Recipe PDF:

lemon sorbet w fresh mint
Download PDF • 77KB

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